Distances Don’t Matter



By-Rishika Ghai
I met someone somewhere
Whom I didn’t know earlier
A friendly and a down to earth person
Who later became a part of our life.
I met him at his home
On the day my parents had their anniversary.
After that we kept on meeting
On our regular visits for dog’s checkups.
As I got to know him better, attachment grew
We bought all our dog’s accessories from his clinic
We spent some quality time together. My family and him.
Today, I remember all the precious moments spent with him.
As time passed the bond became stronger.
The homemade beaten coffee and kurkura
For my brother were integral parts of our evenings.
His Pedigree packets me and my brother converted into chairs!
My furry buddy Simba was also selected and given by him.
On my birthday I sent him an invite
Both the families enjoyed a memorable dinner that night.
And that’s how we all came closer.
Before leaving that Ajmer he invited us
For last for dinner together. And that was the last we met.
Thanks to social media we are still connected
And to the most lovable person I know, I dedicate these lines.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

image courtesy google

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