Hope to be Like My Mother Someday

As a daughter of Ranjeeta Nath Ghai aka atrangizindagieksafar I feel so proud of her.

Her maiden book ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’ being displayed at New Delhi World Book fair and Chennai Book Fair meant a lot to her. Hope she is successful in her ventures. Love you Maa.

I hope to be like her and one day and publish a book of my own.


Hero of My Life


By- Rishika Ghai

You make my dreams as yours
And you fulfil them every waking hour.
You face all the problems in life
But you never tell us.

You have given us more than you have ever had.
Sometimes you may be harsh,
But not because you are bad or
You don’t want us to be happy, but
You just want us to be safe.
Sometimes you are possessive, but
Your love for us is unconditional.
I know there is no end to it.
It will always be like this.

You are my hero
Patience. Perseverance and understanding
Are your strong points.
You have always known what we wanted.

The sacrifices you have made without uttering a word
No father would have ever done.
From getting us ready for school to chasing the school bus
From cooking to watching midnight movies with us
Oh! Papa, you are unique.
From being a deterrence to mums wrath to solving our problems
From buying our school uniform
To accompanying us to the examination hall.
You are always there.

Sleep was never so peaceful
As when I cuddled up to you
Feeling safe relaxed and secure
Our world would be incomplete without you.

Always there for us
You are our invincible hero


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

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