My Loveable Devil


By- Rishika Ghai

The naughty glitter in your eyes 
Reflect that what’s in your mind 
Though the less you speak
Shows you are up to some mischief. 

Though you are cute and I Love you so
You never miss an opportunity
To tease me and irritate me
Whenever you get the chance 

Sometime I don’t like your behavior 
And I fight with you also 
But when later I come around
 I realise that you do this to get my attention.

You always want what I have 
Not because you like it 
But as it is the right of siblings 
To snatch what the other have.

These things are a sign of true love
Of a brother’s love for his sister 
He will always fight, tease, irritate 
But also save and shield her from dangers…

From my perspective 
The best combination of siblings
Are Brother and sister. But they understand
Each other importance only after they are separated. 


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

The Daily Post

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