Selfish Beyond Reason


By-Rishika Ghai

Human beings;
Worse creation
Ever made by god.

God’s infinite creation
By man.

Selfish; self-centered,
They think of their own benefits only.  


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

The Daily Post

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7 thoughts on “Selfish Beyond Reason

  1. Woohoo.. what happened Rishika.. so much anger.. is it coz some/few people destroying the nature you are upset..

    Don’t be so harsh.. you are human.. the beautiful creation of God, who is there to bring the change.. so don’t share anger, forgive the destroyer.. let’s together bring the change and the one who destroyed will realize their mistake.

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    1. You are right but it still pains to see that most of us are literates enough to talk about it and discuss it but not educated enough to follow it. That is why sometime I feel that even god at one point of time must have regreted creating the human race because neither can we live peacefully nor do we allow others to do so.

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