Self Dependent


Wheelchair Painting

By- Rishika Ghai

Self dependence:
Now a recognized attribute in 
Differently abled people 
As they have changed their perspective
In the eyes of people.

They don’t need sympathy
Neither help and support to live
Its unjust and unfair of people
To assume otherwise
They can do everything on their own.

But nowadays we ‘The Normal People’
Behave and act more like handicaps 
Searching for other people 
To get our work done or
By depending on machines.

Instead of teasing, making fun
Sympathizing with or pitying them  
We should endeavor
To learn from them
How to be independent on our own. 

God has created
Every person complete
In his or herself
All we need is faith in your willpower 
And we can achieve everything we want.

It’s best to remember…
It’s better to be a 
Self dependent person
With self respect intact
Than to be a burden on anyone.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

image courtesy google