My Yellow WagonR


By- Rishika Ghai
When I was in class one
We bought a new car
A yellow WagonR
Its been 13 years now
And we still have this car
So many memories attached to it
It gets me all nostalgic.
I remember the days that
How we use to travel
From Alwar to Delhi.
And moved our dogs
From one posting to another. 
 Its traveled a lot
In these past 13 years.
From to Alwar to Jammu,
To Nasirabad and Hyderabad, 
And Assam and then Allahabad
Now back to Alwar it shall go
The place where we bought it long time ago.
Learning driving at the age of 18
It’s me and my WagonR
Driving down to the driving school
And then returning back
There’s not a moment now
That I don’t miss my friend, my WagonR.
Now my dogs are old
And need more space to stretch
And we move yet again
On our posting next.
A new car; an SUV my parents bought
And pushed my WagonR out in the cold.
Now my darling stands in open
Covered; gone  is the comfort of the garage.
But to its last breath
I shall use; As none can replace
The attachment that I have 
With my old, yellow WagonR.



©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

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