A Gift of God


By- Rishika Ghai  

A precious gift of god
That everyone including animals
Deserve is a Mother
Mother’s love comes in any form
Be it your Nani, Masi or Sister
Or sometime your father also
That doesn’t matter only loves counts.

Some human beings desire for mother’s love
But they don’t get it
Whereas some are so lucky that
They have two mothers
Like Mom and Nani or Mom and Sister.

I am that luckiest one as
I have Mom and Nani as a Mother
That’s why I never felt so
Alone in my life.

Thank you Mom and Nani
For always being there for me
When ever I wanted
Love and miss you both
Happy Mother’s Day.  



©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

image courtesy google

8 thoughts on “A Gift of God

      1. Love parents. Blessings of elders and parents keep you smiling through out journey of life. Their blessings give you courage and confidence

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