There Can Be None Like You

17798960_1879958092293470_127158455735049690_nBy- Rishika Ghai

Not every person can secure
A special place in any one’s heart  
But some people,
Have the power to do just that.
By your behaviour, speech and kindness
Sir, you are one of those kinds.

The first time I met you 
I became your die hard fan
My heart called out to me,
That this is the one,
Who is to be called
A real teacher and a true principal.

I have ever seen the person like you
Who always leads from the front
Who can go to any length
To make student’s future bright and secure
Who has the power to change
The Perspective of a school all alone.  

You are just like a coconut
Hard from outside and soft from inside
Yet, always there by our side.
You are a wonderful guide
That a student can have.  

Like a needle in a haystack
Like a pearl in the ocean
A person like you is hard to find.
While having faith in your students
You inspire and motivate us in every possible way
Which only allows us to love you more.  

At last, to the world’s best teacher
And a great principal that
I have ever met
I raised a toast…
Happy Birthday to you, Sir.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

image courtesy google

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