Accept the Challenges



By- Rishika Ghai 

Life is full of ups and down
Learn to adjust according to it
Never allow your problems 
To spoil your happiness.


What some people do is 
They think of their problems all the time
And destroy the happiest moments of their life 
They forget… that time never comes back.


Some people stay in groups with friends
But sound and act weird 
When ask what happened 
They give a lukewarm response.


As they are thinking of their problems
And not enjoying with friends 
Also not allow others to enjoy 
As they forever try to seek attention


Don’t to show off. Drop your attitude
Learn to face challenges head-on
Don’t allow problems to take over your life
And try to enjoy every moment of life.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

The Daily Post

The Daily Post

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