homemade rose and mint flavoured chocolates made by my mother


By:-Rishika Ghai

Weight maintenance
Isn’t  difficult
But controlling
Food habit is difficult.

With proper and regular
Exercise and a healthy diet
One can maintain
Their own weight.

Often tempted;
To eat goodies
We are bound by
Our weight management.

Temptation  Temptation
So many  of their and
All contain
Sugar, fat, Carbohydrate.

Gaining weight
Is oh so easy!
But both perseverance
I am fighting Temptation.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

The Daily Post

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2 thoughts on “Weight

  1. What we need to do is not control our diet but increase our duration of work out which we being lazy always prevent to do.Moreover the feeling of guilt after succumbing and responding greedily to the temptation kills me most of the time!:)

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